Announcement – Fallout RV (recreational vehicle)

This is one of my latest models, where I tested a new texturing workflow. Only Photoshop was involved in the texturing process and it was blazingly fast to textureImage.

It is meant as a static mesh and has a second UV set for Lightmaps. However, since tires and car body have separate UVs (two UV sets for diffuse, two for lightmaps), it can easily be split up again for tires to be animated. 

This model may undergo further changes + become available with different texture packs later. It is my own design, based on a concept drawing I made. 

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Old Office Pack ready for submission

I have had some issues with the Unity Story, and I’m figuring out the right upload procedure. However, in the meantime I finished this “old office pack”, which has a couple of nice models for moody (old) office interiors and clock in at under 1.8k triangles in total!Image

After I sort out the issues with Unity Store, this pack is going straight into sale there!

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watertower submitted

I just uploaded the next model to the Unity store and it is waiting for submission! This is a watertower from “Chester’s Mill”, a fictional US-city in the series “Under the Dome”. In order to use this model commercially, I suggest either removing the writing alltogether, or to substitute it with one of your liking. It’s very easy to change, because all texture files are layered PSDs.

Loving the work with Unity, so far. I must admit, I am/was a UDK guy, but the ease of use and the tools in Unity are unparalleled!

I do lack a proper material shader though, so all my screenshots on the Unity store are only showing the Diffuse and Normal map. You can compare how much better it looks with a dedicated specular Map on this screenshot from UDK. However, with a proper shader in Unity, you can achieve the same or better-looking result!Image


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Unity Store signup successful

I have just enlisted as publisher on the Unity Web store. Great engine with a great toolset and real user-friendliness!


You can check out the collection tools_01 on the asset store (after it is approved)

Here is a preview of the tools entailed in the collection:



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First entry, stardate xxx

This blog was started in order to document and store my progress on 3D asset and tools creation. I will sell my products on Unity Store and Steam Workshop, so look for them, there. Come here to see what I’m working on and if you have any questions about my work.

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